HEDRON - Cyber Security

About us

Our mission

Our mission is to set standards for helping those who find themselves in a difficult situation. That is why we feel responsible to solve the most difficult tasks, providing our clients with comfort and safety.

Our vision

People who during the Second World War have decrypted secret information encoded by Enigma saved the lives of millions of people around the world. We know how valuable information is, how difficult it is to get it and what it can mean to humanity. That is why we have created the Hedron Group – probably the most professional Cyber Security company that helps our clients sleep peacefully every day.

Our values

Hedron - Discretion


When your problem becomes ours, you can be sure that it will stay between us.

Hedron - Effectiveness


If the situation requires it, we are able to take action immediately.

Hedron - Experience


The Hedron Group consists of hundreds of solved problems and thousands of hours worked.

Hedron - Novelty


We are introducing innovative cyber security solutions.

Hedron - Responsibility


We take responsibility for what we say to our clients. That’s why you do not buy any of our equipment and do not implement an illegal service. However, everything we undertake – we will do.

Hedron - Excellent communication

Excellent communication

We know how important matters are entrusted to us. That is why we focused on excellent communication, which allows our clients to remain calm even in the most difficult moments.

How we operate

  1. Problem arises
  2. Contact with the Hedron Group
  3. Discreet appointment
  4. Detailed description of the situation by the client
  5. Analysis of the situation by the operational group
  6. Preparation of the plan with attention to every detail
  7. Presenting the concept to the Customer and signing the contract
  8. Task realisation
  9. Providing the client with a report
  10. Solution

All materials collected by us may constitute evidence in ongoing court proceedings.

Especially for enterprises, we recommend the service of SAFETY AUDIT, kwhich is designed to protect our client from the uprising PROBLEM.

Why Hedron?

Hedron Group Cyber Security company

The Hedron Group is a Cyber Security company, which provides security services through a team of professional IT specialists, technicians and employees.

Thanks to this combination of forces: practices with theory, youth and modernity with proven methods for years, creativity with a cool calculation, we have probably created the best Cyber Security Company.

We cooperate with

The best specialists in the field of: security audit, computer forensics, environmental findings, creation of innovative cyber security equipment.

As Hedron Group, we have already completed over 500 orders in 46 countries USA map